“WOW”!  What an amazing DJ, Aaron LaMorte is.

He DJ’d & Sound Designed the Spring Gala for St. Lucy School, and put 110% of himself into it.
During the initial walk-thru, he entered the venue with a wonderful vision as to the awesome atmosphere that he would create there.
He guided us so easily through choosing appropriate music for the many different facets of our event,
and put together the most amazing song selections to make our memories last forever.
As we sat there and listened to the music during the cocktail hour, dinner, the auction “background” music
and “woot woot” the incredibly important DANCE music, we all realized what an incredibly necessary part of our evening music plays in ALL OF IT!
Also the lighting was very cool and all in all, his artistry was amazing.

Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in sound design, but also he is calm and collected under pressure.
He was putting out fires left and right, all with such peace of mind and a smile on his face.
We had no idea what an integral part of our night and excellent DJ like Aaron could be,
and we could have never pulled off our successful Gala Event without him.

Thank you so much for being a part, a HUGE part, of our event.
You were the glue of the Gala!  It would have been so blah without your extreme talent.
You are such a pleasure to work with and we felt like you really took the time to look thru our song requests and work your magic with them.
We know you put a ton of thought and energy into the night and believe me, it showed!
We hope we get to work with you again soon…

YOU are the best!!!”

[ Bethie Olson & PTG Girls, St. Lucy School ]


Aaron did an amazing job with our holiday party.
It literally was a 3 week turnaround time and he nailed it.
I expressed what I was looking for in a theme/mood for our event and he could not have done any better with his execution of music and sound.
One of our founders spoke at the event and Aaron’s sound equipment never failed,
nor did it make any uncomfortable feedback sounds as he moved around the audience.

We will definitely use AVL Entertainment again for our future events. Thank you Aaron!

[ Kathy Vick, Nest Labs ]


Our experience with AVL Entertainment was awesome!

 Aaron was extremely helpful with finalizing our event and also providing further assistance with additional ideas and equipment needed.
Aaron also agreed to be our MC for the night and really kept the party going.
Thank you again Aaron for your outstanding support and infectious personality.
We at ChargePoint love you and look forward to working with you in the future.

[ Kila Boyd, ChargePoint ]


Aaron is not just a DJ.
he is an artist with excellent judgement and taste.
Your event will be sensational and memorable with him at the helm, as the Entertainment Director.

My husband and I hosted an event that included an interesting mix of people.  We had several Europeans over, along with our local friends and all their children for a going away party.  The group was quite diverse in cultural backgrounds, with ages ranging from children to seniors.
Aaron pieced the entire event together perfectly and it was the music and dancing that really made the event entertaining, fun and memorable for everyone.
He utilized a mix of lighting that was similar to a light show; only it was on the dance floor!
Then there was the mixing of the music and the selections made.
We did not give him much insight as to our expectations or choices but what he put together far exceeded our expectations!
The party just got better and better as he rolled out the music selections and lights.
No one expected to stay up until 1:00AM dancing, but we all did!

Additionally, my husband and I attended a Halloween party at which Aaron was the DJ.
It was the very best collection of music choices and remixes I have ever heard at a Halloween party!
Very unique, very appropriate for the event and surprisingly fantastic!
I told Aaron he should produce a CD of the Halloween music selections he orchestrated – it would be widely used.
I wish Aaron all the best and you will sincerely appreciate all his services.

[ Patricia & George Yellich ]


We thought Aaron’s energy and enthusiasm was excellent!

 We really enjoyed how he catered something unique for our annual holiday event.
The extra effort that was made to tailor his expertise to our event did not go unnoticed
and we will certainly hire AVL Entertainment again for future events as well as recommend him to others.

[ Mari Doroud, Universal Audio ]