WEDDING APPLAUSEAaron is so professional and so personable!

He makes the whole process easy and seamless.
That is huge when you’re a bride planning your wedding, where even the tiniest of details can overwhelm you.
Aaron took the time to listen to the type of music my husband and I like, which is quite diverse
(everything from Tupac to Tim McGraw) and was able to incorporate a little bit of everything.
He also had some great suggestions for songs our guests may enjoy and as a result,
I don’t think our dance floor was empty at any point during the celebration!

What makes AVL Entertainment so unique is they truly “design” the music played at your event to create a mood and atmosphere.
From the ceremony, to cocktail hour, through the reception all the way to the dance party the music told a story.
I couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out and still to this day,
people are complimenting me on our wedding and how great Aaron was at keeping the party going.

[ Mr. & Mrs. Rusteen ]


Until we were referred to AVL Entertainment, we had been extremely unsuccessful looking for the right person to handle the music on our big day thus far.
During the early stages of our wedding planning experience, we had both agreed that music was one on the aspects that we were NOT willing to “cut corners on”.
Within ten minutes of our initial consultation with Aaron, we both knew his unique and personal approach was exactly what we had been looking for.

Besides hitting it off on a personal level, we felt extremely comfortable with him while his professionalism was still very present.
Having a completely unique and custom mix of music based solely on us and our story, was something no one else had offered us.
Aaron was able to give us exactly what we needed and more, right from the beginning.

“On our wedding day, Aaron went above and beyond in every possible way!”

We couldn’t have had a more perfect selection of musical variety which allowed
every guest to enjoy themselves while still “telling our story”, through a one of a kind soundtrack.
On top of that, he was there every step of the way coordinating
and moving us through the night making sure we made the most of every moment.

Everyone absolutely loved the music and Aaron’s ability to set the tone for the best night of our lives was just amazing.
His positive energy, passion, and love for what he does was clearly seen and even commented on by many of our guests.

For us there was no doubt in choosing AVL for our big day.
He was our “go to man,” taking care of everything we needed and more.
Without Aaron, our perfect wedding would not have been possible.
We will be recommending AVL Entertainment to anyone and everyone.

[ Mr. & Mrs. McElroy ]


Finding the perfect DJ was high on our wedding planning priority list.
We wanted someone that would listen to our likes and dislikes and be able to portray a type of “vibe” that characterized us. Needham's + DJ 654
AVL Entertainment was recommended to us by our floral designers, Asiel Design.
We met with Aaron (owner of AVL) and INSTANTLY knew he was the perfect choice for us.
Before we could even sign a contract, my dad was already signing the check!
Aaron wanted to know our story, how we met, who we are, etc…
I was blown away by how a DJ would want to make that kind of personal connection with his clients.
We quickly learned Aaron was more than a DJ, he was an Entertainer & Sound Design Master!

“Our wedding would NOT have gone as smoothly without Aaron.”

I opted out of hiring a wedding planner/coordinator, thinking I could do it all on my own…I was so wrong! Aaron stepped up to the plate and took charge of anything he saw that needed to be done and directed those that need directing.
Every meeting leading up to the wedding, we were so blown away by his honesty and ability to make his clients feel like friends.
And that is one of the best gifts we got from our wedding day…a true friend for life!

[ Mr. & Mrs. Needham ]


NO Additives!  Wedding-Shot-300x212NO Preservatives!  NO Artificial Flavors!  And please, Please, PLEASE hold the cheese!
These are the first things that come to mind when looking for a Wedding DJ.  We don’t consider ourselves a run of the mill couple, so why would we settle for an “Adam Sandler-ish Wedding Singer” style DJ?

Aaron is the Willy Wonka of music mixology; full of flavors and tricks coupled with a cool persona.
His swagger will ensure your event will have an “exclusive” feel.

Now I could tell you he is great, I could tell you he is professional
and that he knows what you want but that would be expected from any DJ, right!?
It is his blend of culture and tunes that will take you to another dimension.
Trust us, he is truly magic!
Aaron is very detailed and wants to know every bit and piece to help build a unique sound.

Most importantly, he will step up and scramble at a moments notice to ensure that the event goes flawlessly.
He played a huge roll in keeping our wedding on track. Whatever you throw at him; he handles with great poise.  He is the epitome of grace under fire.
Above all, the most valuable quality your DJ should have is being proactive.  Aaron is always one step ahead of the game.
He doesn’t need to be told to spring into action.  He can independently orchestrate your entire show. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the VIP Experience.
With an event as important as a wedding, don’t waste your time messing around with amateurs.
Choose AVL…or GO HOME!

[ Mr. & Mrs. Jandric ]


Having an INCREDIBLE wedding is something one will never forget.  They say that we remember bad experiences more than we remember good ones.
In the case of a wedding that exceeds expectations, I would have to disagree.  The reality is that when you walk into your reception and cannot believe it’s YOUR reception as a bride, you’re never going to forget it.  One of my favorite pieces to the whole event was the music design.

“We worked with Aaron LaMorte of AVL Entertainment and he is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!”

When we started the process, he was very thorough.  He inquired as to what type of music we enjoyed, what some of our favorite songs were, and what goals we had for our guests as far as mood music vs. dancing music was concerned.  He was very attentive to our wants and desires rather than having his own agenda.  He created playlists that were unique to us.  The evening was perfect!  The décor was beautiful, the food was delicious, the guests were chatty, and the atmosphere was alive.  I believe that all of this comes together so perfectly when you have the right music.  If you mess up the music, that is all the guests will focus on which will leave them wondering “What is going on?” & “Why in the world is that song playing?” That will NOT happen with Aaron LaMorte at the helm.  The music flowed effortlessly. There was never a time that felt awkward.  When it was dancing time, our guests danced with enthusiasm. It was so much fun!!

Being the owner of a Willow Glen bakery (Jen’s Cakes) and in the wedding industry for over 10 years, I know A LOT of DJs.
Many of whom I would have been honored to work with.  I will never regret my choice to have Aaron do our music.
In fact he has become my official Entertainment for all events.
He was the DJ for a big professional event I held (TLC’s Next Great Baker) and even at my kids’ birthday party.
You should hire him, hands down…and you’ll be extremely happy you did.

[ Mr. & Mrs. Bell ]


I really didn’t know what to expect at first, being that I’ve never hired a DJ before.
I figured you just tell them some of the stuff you like, some “must haves”, “must have nots”, and then the DJ just does whatever the hell he feels like.
Thank God, Aaron is NOT this kind of DJ.

AVL is called Sound Design for a reason: He has a system for designing a sort of landscape of sound and entertainment for an amazing evening.
He consults with you as much as you like and I’m glad we had him because he brings up great points and questions like,
“Are you sure all the grandparents are going to have a good time while I’m playing your requested death metal songs?”…Oh yeah, good point! LOL.

Aaron worked with my wife and I, to get a really great pool of songs for the right moments of our wedding.
He gave suggestions for different moments, but knew it was ultimately our day and was cool with everything we asked for.
For the reception, we just gave him some stuff we liked for the dance party at the end of the night and ultimately told him to “Just Go Sick!!”
THIS is the difference between Aaron and some guy with a PA system and an iPod.
He’s able to feel the crowd and read what people love and guide the party in that direction.

“The dance party was my favorite part of the reception, Thanks Aaron!”

[ Mr. & Mrs. Wahlgren ]


Amanda + Matthew Wedding

“AVL Sound Design made our wedding a huge success in countless ways!”

Working with Aaron on song selections for each specific part of the wedding made the energy move along smoothly!
Our guests came up to us throughout the evening with compliments about the music as well as Aaron’s energetic, clear MC skills.  Having the music move the event along was absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend working with AVL Entertainment for any special event.

We are forever thankful for the hard work, attention to detail
and extensive knowledge of music that Aaron provided for our special day!!

[ Mr. & Mrs. DiBiasie ]


226-Christina-Michael-WEB-221x300My husband and I had a VERY last minute vow renewal and planned our event in about four weeks. Aaron was extremely helpful and really stayed involved with us through the entire process. His professionalism but more importantly his passion and enthusiasm for our wedding music, really set the tone for the event.  Aaron worked closely with us in designing the music around our extremely eclectic tastes. We requested music from several different decades and genres, and he was able to work everything into both our night’s cocktail and dinner playlists. Both his experience and thoughtful input was greatly appreciated.

Aaron also helped coordinate many details about the flow of the evening that kept everything running smoothly.
As a master of ceremonies he was on point and tasteful.  The detail and effort he put into the entire evening was very impressive.  Working with Aaron was such a pleasure and his enthusiasm was also key in helping us create such a wonderful experience that we will never forget. Everyone is still talking about how much fun they had at the reception.

“It was a fantastic party with many thanks to Aaron
and we will absolutely be working with him in the future!”

[ Mr. & Mrs. Hill ]


My Wife and I had Aaron perform the DJing for our Wedding and we were more than pleased by the superb job he did.  First of all, he was extremely professional and really paid attention to detail.  He communicated with us on a constant basis and really showed that he wanted to make our wedding, memorable. Prior to the wedding, during our planning, Aaron was always available to answer any questions we had and gave us a peace of mind knowing how organized and detailed he was.

During the wedding, Aaron worked very well with our wedding coordinator and made sure he knew the various queues for the different songs we had during the ceremony.  His performance during and after the ceremony was better than we could have ever expected.  After the wedding, so many of our guests kept telling us what an awesome job he did. We could not be more pleased with Aaron’s work and will definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a DJ.

“Thank you again Aaron for your spectacular performance, you were definitely one of the highlights at our wedding!”

[ Mr. & Mrs. Larsen ]


Aaron with AVL Sound Design, was an awesome Sound Designer!  He brought life and so much fun to our wedding reception.
We were very impressed with Aaron’s work. We had around 220 people at our wedding and almost all of them, at some point in the evening were out on the dance floor.
The party did not end until late into the night, with a majority of our friends and family still on the dance floor.
Everyone has told us that our wedding was “so much fun! Aaron was very helpful in making sure each song and moment would be ideal for who we are as a couple.

  “My husband and I are both musicians and know a great deal about music…and in our opinion, Aaron did not miss a beat!”

[ Mr. & Mrs. Mazon ]


Just a few weeks before our wedding, my wife and I attended a friend’s wedding where the “Father-Daughter” dance was interrupted three times in a row by a scratched CD.  With Aaron LaMorte of AVL Sound Design, we had the complete opposite experience.  Aaron has our full confidence and endorsement for anyone looking for a passionate and professional DJ/MC for their wedding or event. My wife and I had our wedding entertainment produced by AVL Sound Design and received nothing but compliments from our guests. They remarked how Aaron kept the perfect balance of music, both upbeat and slow songs…plus how he emceed the wedding with just the right amount of speaking; never producing awkward moments of silence nor lame jokes or longwinded speeches.

Aaron met with my wife and I before the wedding to go over our song selections and how we envisioned our reception playing out.
He left nothing to chance and was very well prepared with both his equipment set up and program notes.
Aaron also did a great job filling in gaps and improvising to keep the party going whenever there was a lag in our program.
We highly recommend AVL Sound Design!

[ Mr. & Mrs. Swarm ]


Aaron from AVL Sound Design, was the DJ at our Wedding on September 17 2011.  From our first meeting, it was clear Aaron was our pick.
Aaron was able to design an experience put to our own soundtrack in line with our fall theme. I was initially skeptical of the lightning effects he recommended; however they proved to really add to the fun factor and ambiance. Aaron even went so far as to dye his faux hawk haircut eggplant, which was one of the colors of our wedding!

What really stands out in my mind is a silly surprise sound bite (with very special meaning) that I sent Aaron months before the wedding and how he remembered to incorporate it into the dance mix on the Big Day…despite the chaos in between.
That meant a lot and Aaron’s meticulous attention to detail was delivered on so many levels.
We would recommend Aaron as a DJ to anyone getting married!

[ Mr. & Mrs. Guthrie ]